Find Software Tester job with no previous experience

Looking for a highly paid IT job in Australia? But...

Lacking experience or knowledge of recent technologies?

Don't know where to start?

Scared of interviews or have not updated your resume in 2 years?

Trying to comeback after a break?

Deserve a payrise, but not sure how to ask?

Recent graduate or fresh from the Uni?

Let us help you

What we DON'T Offer

  • Visa or immigration advice Max Data is not a migration agent and does not currently provide employment sponsorship opportunities.
  • Formal Education or Accreditation For those of our clients who don't have any formal education in IT - we can recommend courses and accreditation for every budget. Nevertheless our recommendations are of general nature and due diligence is required before making any decision.
  • Guarantee of a job Max Data team comprises of a team of professionals, who see their task in 'showing you the road', but ultimately its up to you to walk this road... Nevertheless we are here to make sure you dont lose your way

Working with Maximum Data Solutions will get you real life experience, under the guidance of professionals and an opportunity to get 'the foot in the door'.

Nevertheless we cannot guarantee that you will find a job, because at the end its all up to you.

We have proven records of clients finding the highly paid contracting positions, after we help them raise their profile, worked on their skills, polish their resume and boost their confidence.

We believe in you... Do you?

What we offer

  • Step-by-step guide to get 'job ready'
  • Experience working on real-life projects
  • Guidance of seasoned professionals
  • Working together on the roadpath which suits you
  • Assistance with your resume building and interview skills
  • Knowledge of the latest tools and technologies
  • Confidence boost

How We Can Help

According to applicants with a degree from a top uni, ambitions and knowledge are no longer wanted by Australian employers.

Australian recruiters agree that its almost impossible to find a job, come back to the workforce or get a decent payrise if don't already have a job, read article that explains why .

Australian Employers now looking for ambitious people with current 'hands on' experience in recent technologies, ready to get 'hands dirty' as soon as they are hired.

If you are one of many who struggles to find a job because of lack of experience, or want to join IT field, but don't have accreditation or don't know where to start - talk to us. All we request is a positive attitude!

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