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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answer to the frequently asked questions.

From our experience - anyone with attention to details, willing to learn and determination can become a good Software Tester (and make great money doing so). But to if you lack the understanding of what you would need to do as a Software Tester, please read on:

The job of the Software tester is quite straightforward and it comprises of the following steps:

  1. Understand what the system/application/website should do (by reviewing documentation)
  2. Clarify with the business analyst, developer or manager things that are not clear, missed or vague
  3. Review the functionality of the current system/application/website
  4. Find any problems or defects (cases where the system does not behave the way it should)
  5. Report (write down in notepad, enter into a defect management system or send an email) all the defects found and request issues to be resolved
  6. Once you get back a response that the problems are solved - repeat all the steps starting from step 3, until no further defects exist
  7. Close all the defects assigned to you and report of the successful completion of the testing
If the steps above still don't make sense or you are not 100% sure how to begin testing, read the example below

A senior tester Venkat was asked to test the functionality of the Login page for Max Data Job Portal. Having extensive experience in software testing he received a basic functional specification. After reading specification he draw the following conclusions regarding the correct functionality of the page:

Functional Requirements:

  1. The page should be used by the user to login to the Portal
  2. The page should let user to enter credential (email/username and password) and allow to specify 'Remember Me' flag to store the user information
  3. Both user credentials are mandatory and should be supplied (if not supplied the system will display a helpful error message clarifying that the data is required)
  4. The password should be masked (stars displayed) to protect privacy of the user
  5. The page should ensure that the username is a valid email (display a helpful error if its not)
  6. The page should ensure that the combination of credentials is correct and repsents a valid user for the Portal (display an error otherwise)

Non-Functional Requirements:

  1. The page should be aesthically pleasing and elegant
  2. The page should be responsive (look good in all browsers and mobile devices)
  3. The page should have no broken links or grammatical errors

After reviewing the page Venkat reported the following problems to the developers:
  • Password field is not masked the the user can view the password entered
  • The page have broken links (clicking Registar as a new user now displays an error screen)
  • The page is neither aesthetically pleasant, nor elegant, for the following reasons:
    • The page is not formatted correctly, the credentials fields do not fit into the form
    • Moving header makes it difficult for user to concentrate on the page
    • There are multiple grammatical errors and typos on the page: RegistAr as a new user, Logon HeAR (instead of of Login Here or simply Login)
    • Yellow background color and grey color make it difficult to see the text
Once the problems were resolved, Venkat verfified the fixed version of the page Login page, closed the bugs and reported the testing as completed.
There is no clear-cut answer how long one must study to become 100% job-ready, as there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as previous experience, former education etc. Based on our experience, it should take a regular person with an IT degree from 4 to 6 months to build up the skills and knowledge of the tools to be confident applying for a job. Saying that, one of our Ultimate Students while working through the personal program developed for her got a job as a highly paid IT contractor, after less than 3 months of study
Very... If you look at the program designed for you, the requirements used as a todo list (or success list, if you like) are based on the latest set of requirements we get from recruiters. So we want to re-assure you that if you put enough effort into your studies and (more importantly) practical tasks, your experience will get you a job. So what are you waiting for?
Absolutely. See out testimonials for a proof, our Ultimate and Premium packages actually offer you a significant discount, if you would like to get certified, as well gain practical skills. Then working on real projects under the guidance of seasoned professionals will give you all necessary skills to perform your duties in any field of Software Testing.
You can definitely start without spending a cent. The basic package is available to anyone willing to learn. Just sign up and start learning for free. Another option available to those who don't have money but have a lot of friends is to refer your friends to us. For every paid package they buy you will get a credit of 10% of the fees they pay. Brining 10 friends means you can learn for free or get cash in hand. Just make sure that your friends mention you as their referee and expect free money every month.
The way the packages are designed is to give or refresh your knowledge on the subjects. Feel free to skip any modules that sound familiar. You shall be able to assess your knowledge attempting interview questions. Other than that - feel free to take any approach that suits your needs.
We would love to hear your thoughts, whatever they are. Please feel free to drop us a line using with any thoughts or ideas you may have.